Zombie Logic Press Goes Green

As the Bernie kegger dies down, the keg goes dry, and everyone starts to go home, the political season has just begun here at Zombie Logic Press because we’re solidly behind the Green Party and their Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein. We need to exceed the quota of signatures required to get ballot access here in Illinois by June 27. 45,000 more signatures needed.

Also, I think one of our authors, Jesus Correa, is going to run for mayor of Rockford, Illinois, as a Green Party candidate.


Author of Iced Cream and Green Party candidate for mayor, Jesus Correa

Saturday night I will get my chance to impersonate Jesus Correa, as he is living up to his claim of being “The best dishwasher in the world.” I guess I’ll put on this hat read some of his poems at the book release party.


After that the long national nightmare for me will be over, and after weeks of heart tests, dental procedures, garage sales, assessments, financial worries, vacations, and public appearances will come to an end, and I will go to the bar, get a Heineken from my good friend Tim Stotz, and slump into a chair at JR Kortman Center for Design.

Then, after a slight rest I’ll start hitting the bricks with petitions for Jill Stein. Maybe hit the gym a little more often, and get out there with the kids in the great outdoors. In the midst of a seven state vacation last week I got an email that an author I have wanted to work with is ready to do a book we had been talking about for a long time. I had hoped to have a break between books.

Anyway, the rest of this night I am here at the aprtment for the first time in weeks supposedly writing my hosting remarks for this party Saturday. I should be doing that instead of this.


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