When Mars Is In the House of Atreides The Outlaw Poetry Will Flow

As this title might indicate, I’m absolutely out of things to say about Outlaw Poetry. The last book I published was about a guy with cerebral palsy traveling with a evangelical stage show. I understood that topic about as well as Outlaw Poetry, which I do not write or normally receive very much of at Zombie Logic Press.

Tonight Mars is the brightest it has been in ten years. I’d go outside and look, but I’m in the 3rd most dangerous neighborhood in America, so maybe I’ll just look at it online.

Last night Jenny and I went to The Worst Prom Ever, then went to see a friend of ours dance in a drag show. I managed to only have three drinks, which is why at midnight tonight I still feel relatively good. It’s the start of the new week, and although I have several medical appointments, I’m light on other entries on my to do list next week.

The Yellow River


Disoriented by Vietnamese beer,

I enter the hot zone

Approximately four inches

South of my intended

Insertion point,

And am repelled

By an aggressive

Guerilla resistance.


War is hell.

-Thomas L. Vaultonburg

That is a poem about hitting the wrong hole. There’s this French/Vietnamese place on 7th Street that has a menu with over a 100 items on it. (Gunshots. Yay Rockford). When I go there I like to have a Tsing Tao, then a Heineken. And sirens. Geez, guys, it’s Sunday night, take a fucking break.

Nice cool breeze coming in through the window. Only halfways to my goal of 500 words, so maybe I’ll go look for another poem from my next book.

Olfactory Fatigue


Most of us

Have been living

In the shit

So long

We’re suffering


Olfactory fatigue.

-Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Well, that was good for about eighteen words. Saw William Peter Blatty on the Johnny Carson Show from 1974 earlier tonight saying that up until he wrote the book The Exorcist there had been only three official exorcisms performed in America in that century. I found that interesting. I think I’m going to call this blog off early and not even categorize it, maybe watch something on Jenny’s computer, which sits at the desk in front of mine, then go upstairs to bed.




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